National Guy’s Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows about the 14th of February, Valentine's Day is which is the world-wide day for celebrating love. Although National Guy’s Valentine’s Day is barely known and is held just after the month of the “regular” Valentine’s day. I just learned about this day – so let me share with you what I have learned.

Alright, the holiday started in a surprising manner but this is a genuine holiday. The day that is celebrated on March 14th came into being because of Tom Birdsey. In Boston, Massachusetts, he was the DJ of the WFNX radio station.

He gave a name involving Steak and something else to his version of Guy's Valentine's Day in a show broadcast in 2002. He didn't propose the name genuinely as it was just a joke or a taunt about inequality of Valentine’s Day for men.

Additionally, the proposed name clearly said that this show was only listened by adults. As this name was proposed in a joke, so it was the thought behind it. However, an increasingly "official" Guy's Valentine's Day is picking up speed now that the day can be promoted and celebrated by more youthful individuals.

The latest Guy’s Valentine’s Day:

Ok, let's take a glance at the current circumstances about how the 14th March day began and the nature of Guy's Valentine's Day. In 2016, LoveWorks®, a Louisiana retailer decided to get involve and make Guy's Valentine's Day into a genuine occasion.

Speaking for LoveWorks®, Heather Williams, clarified the significance of the day by saying that: “Guys are rarely the ones getting the attention they need from their partners and their partner’s families. We want to encourage a broader base of people to show their appreciation and affection for the men in their lives.”

She shared that if this holiday was more family-friendly, then more people could participate in this occasion. When I told my friends, they asked me – isn’t Valentine's day for men as well?

The Riddle of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's day is the day of celebrating affection with your loved ones. But it is not wrong to say that it is a day turning out to be a female-centered day. You will surely see the unmistakable distinction once you take a look at all the gifts concentrated on ladies contrasted with those directed toward being given to men.

A big difference is featured noted by LoveWorks® is that men make more purchases as compared to the couples and ladies combined. So if you really want to see that difference, just take a look at the gift shops during Valentine's week.

But is not officially a women-focused day. In Western countries it is unofficially turning out into a women-only holiday by default and by common practice.

The majority of the people celebrate it this way. But studies have shown that men feel that they are a second priority and not getting enough affection the whole day by their partners or wives.

A dedicated day for females one dedicated to males was a great idea! You probably never knew, but this is how Asian nations celebrate.

Women purchase presents for their men on the 14th of February, whereas the men were relied upon to give back the favor on the 14th of March as it is a tradition in many countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Thus 14th March holiday is known in Asia as "White Day."

Guy’s Valentine’s Day Celebrations:

Currently, you are aware of the whole story and origin of the guys Valentine’s day. So let's move to the best part, that is the celebration. To change the focus from ladies to men, LoveWorks® decided to help make the holiday a reality.

Guy’s Valentine’s Day is meant to include friends, colleagues, and relatives each bringing gifts for each other and to celebrate friendships and affection; something men say is missing in their lives.

It is the day when you can go out with your best guy buddies to celebrate this day together, whether you are buying a special gift or beer for your hubby or boyfriend. It is genuinely designed to celebrate love and affection with the men in your lives.

Although, this day of celebration also contains a message. Men usually complain that they don’t feel appreciated and get enough affection in their long-term relationships. They feel alone and lacking support and appreciation for what they do.

That’s why Guy’s Valentine’s Day is designed to celebrate the men -- and to show just how important they are! On this day, by celebrating this by their own forms, you show them love, appreciation, and care. Why not have a second holiday to show something as special as that?

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